Sandwich Recipes

Quick and easy sandwich recipe ideas, perfect for any time of the day!  

School lunch's don't have to be hard, why not use some of these simple ingredients to create a quick, healthy lunch idea.

Perfect using any of our condiments:

  • Ham, Cheese, Tomato with Eggplant Relish and Classic Mayonnaise
  • Chicken and salad with Chilli & LIme Mayo
  • Left over hamburgers or sausages with Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Cold Roast Lamb with Eggplant Pickle
  • Turkey + Brie + Eggplant Relish
  • Smoked Salmon and Tartare Mayo
  • Tasty Cheese Toastie with Eggplant Relish
  • Tuna and corn with Garlio Aioli Mayo
  • Curried Egg with Classic Mayo
Grab your favourite bread (we like sourdough) or baguette and try these delicious sandwiches with NOGO toppings: Enjoy!