Meg & the NOGO story

Hi!  I'm Meg, Founder of NOGO Sauces,

I'm thrilled to share my journey behind my delicious and easy to use  sauces that have been changing lives one jar at a time! 😊

Thirteen years ago, I faced a life-changing event that sent ripples through my world, sparking a journey I never anticipated. This event brought with it a wave of stress and mysterious health issues that seemed to have no answers. Doctor visits left me baffled, grappling with intense reactions to food, chronic indigestion, bloating, and a foggy mind. It was like my body was speaking a language I couldn't understand, and every meal felt like a gamble with my wellbeing.

After what felt like endless consultations, I was finally diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption, Gluten Intolerance, and later, an Amine Intolerance - a heavy dose of IBS that turned my culinary world upside down. As a made keen foodie who had loved cooking for family and friends  and attended cooking classes wherever I went, the idea of flavourless, bland meals was devastating.

But in that moment of frustration, a spark ignited within me. What if I could reinvent my favourite flavours into gut-loving sauces that could transform even the simplest meals into a culinary delights? Thus, NOGO was born - a sanctuary for those navigating the tumultuous seas of dietary restrictions, offering a taste of joy and flavour amidst the chaos.

Crafting each recipe became my mission, a labor of love infused with the essence of my culinary adventures across the globe. With the help of family and friends, I experimented tirelessly, refining each sauce until it was just right. These sauces weren't just condiments; they were a lifeline, a reminder that food should nourish not just the body, but the soul. And as friends and family savored each spoonful, their encouragement fueled the fire to turn my passion into a nationwide movement.

Today, NOGO stands strong for foodies everywhere, offering a delicious escape from the constraints of dietary limitations. From bustling city kitchens to cozy country homes, my jars of goodness spread smiles and satisfaction with every twist of the lid.

Made with love in the Yarra Valley, NOGO is a testament to the power of teamwork. It's been a collaborative effort, and I'm endlessly grateful for the support of my incredible team.

And let me tell you, NOGO is for everyone! It's not just delicious but nourishing as well! Whether you're a local foodie or a friend from afar, my sauces are here to make your taste buds dance with joy.


My wish is simple - to spread the joy of wholesome, safe eating far and wide, reminding everyone that they're not alone in their journey towards wellness. Because here at NOGO, I'm not just about loving your guts; I'm about loving every moment shared around the table, one flavorful jar at a time.


So come on, it's time to get Saucy and give NOGO a try!