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Simple FODMAP Friendly Entertaining Ideas

FODMAP gluten free recipes. Easy entertaining platter with crackers, NOGO sauces, cheese and dips

You've got friends coming around, and there's "nothing in the fridge!"...If you've been keeping our NOGO pantry staples on hand, it's super simple & quick to go from bare table to the perfect host in just minutes! 

This is how we do it when we've got friends coming around (FODMAP or not...these mixes are super delicious!). 

Mix Eggplant Pickle through natural yoghurt. 

Drizzle Sweet Chilli Sauce over goats chevre cheese. 

Fold our Satay Sauce through coconut milk (we recommend a 50/50 ratio).

Simply open a jar of Jalapeno Salsa and serve next to corn chips. 

Add a bit more flavour to any savoury pastry by serving our Sweet Capsicum Relish on the side. 

Add some carrot & celery sticks (or any raw veg you've got in the fridge - we also like cucumber and mushrooms), some crackers, and anything else that takes your fancy & that you have on hand. And voila! You're the dinner party queen or king and your friends will be super impressed!