Pasta Sauce Story

Close your eyes and imagine strolling down Lygon Street. The heart of Melbourne's Little Italy............
Every step a promise of mouthwatering pasta, garlic bread & vino! 
Now picture two best friends, fresh out of school, my Best Friend – Megan (aka Moogie !) and I, on a quest for our weekly Italian date.
Our Wednesday night pilgrimage took us to our favourite cozy little Italian joint where the spaghetti all'amatriciana was beyond amazing and every week we paired it with a bottle of robust red that left us happy, laughing and wanting more.
Over the following years we gradually perfected the recipe at home, to exactly how we remembered and started to cook it for  our families and then for so many friends and dinner parties.  It was, and still is, my favourite dish (and one of Moogies too!), it’s truly comfort food at it’s best.
But here's the twist: as life would have it, by my mid-forties,  I was battling serious food allergies. Garlic, onion & gluten, staples of our beloved dish.  All these ingredients suddenly became a big NOGO, plus my beloved spaghetti! was a'gonner too! Undeterred, I dove into my kitchen, armed with memories of those cherished nights with Moogie and fueled by a relentless craving for that authentic taste.
After countless experiments and a lots of nights eating and laughing, I cracked the code—a sauce that captured the soul of a’matriciana without the pesky allergens. And thus, NOGO's Classic Pasta Sauce was born—a labor of love and a nod to my memories of what I think a cooked pasta sauce should taste like.  
Each jar holds not just sauce, but memories of laughter-filled dinners with my life long best friend and so many other heart warming times with my family and friends.
The best part?
It's as easy as TWIST & POP to whip up a delicious meal—all you need to do is add bacon and voilà!  A taste of Italy in the comfort of your own home, just like those nights on Lygon Street.
So come on, join me on this culinary journey.
Let's savour the flavors of the past and create new memories with every forkful of Classic Pasta Sauce.
Bon appétit!
Cheers, Megsie (& Moogie) xxxx