Japanese Ginger Salmon

Japanese Ginger Salmon with brown rice and mayonnaise spinach - low fodmap and gluten free


Serves 3


  • 4 x Salmon fillets, skin on (or off, if you prefer)
  • NOGO Zingy Ginger Sauce
  • NOGO Classic Mayonnaise
  • 2 cups - Brown Rice
  • Spinach for 4


  • Marinate salmon fillets in our zingy ginger sauce for 20 minutes (or overnight), take out and rest for 20 minutes before cooking (allow 1 tablespoon per fillet you use)
  • Cook your brown rice and set aside to keep warm before serving
  • Whilst rice is cooking pan-fry the salmon
    • (other cooking methods would be to air fry, bake in the oven or steam).
  • Whilst the rice and salmon are cooking pan fry your spinach on medium using Meg’s steaming method.
    • Place all the chopped and rinsed spinach in the pan.
    • Pour over a dash of boiling water
    • Place a lid on the pan and let steam until cooked
    • Once cooked place on a tea towel or paper towelling to quickly dry out.


  • Serve the Salmon alongside the brown rice and wilted spinach.
  • Place an extra tablespoon  of Zingy Ginger on each  salmon fillet
  • Spoon a good dollop of Classic Mayonnaise on the spinach and crack pepper on top



  • We love pan frying for a lovely crispy skin. When cooking make sure to leave a little pink in the centre of the fish, as it will keep cooking once served and you don’t want it to dry out!
  • Cook skin side down on low until ½ cooked (but still pink in the middle and flip), this will give you a delicious, crunchy skin