Hapuka & Greens with Zingy Ginger Sauce

FODMAP gluten free recipe. fish with green peas in a bowl with NOGO sauce

Dominic Valentine of Valentine Wines is a friend of NOGO and a great winemaker. Working with different Victorian grape growers each season, Dominic brings together all he learnt during his time in the wine regions of Germany to produce elegant and sought after drops each year.  

Serves one.

400g Hapuka (or other firm white fish)
90g snow peas*
2 tbsp NOGO Zingy Ginger Sauce
20ml lemon juice
10g butter
Oil for frying (you want a high smoke point oil, such as grapeseed oil)
Pinch of salt

Rocket leaves to garnish.

*For those of you following the FODMAP diet (which is what we specialise in!), please note you should substitute the snow peas for 75g green beans.

1. Pod the peas (or trim the green beans). Blanch in salted, boiling water for 20 seconds, then transfer to iced water to stop them from cooking. 
2. Add oil to a large, heavy-based fry pan. 
3. Season the fish well on both sides.
4. When the oil starts to smoke in the pan, put in the fish, and push down one side with a spatula to sear well, for 20 seconds. 
5. Transfer fish to a baking dish, and cook in the oven (180C) until cooked through (approximately 20 minutes). Remove from oven and set aside to rest. 
6. In the pan, add 1/2 cup of water, butter and lemon juice. Bring to the boil. 
7. When the emulsion has reduced a little, add the NOGO Zingy Ginger Sauce. You are wanting a sauce that is not too thick. Season with salt if required. 
9. Add peas (or green beans) to the pan to heat through. 
10. Place fish on plate, pour over the sauce and garnish with some fresh rocket. 

Dominic recommends a glass of his 2017 Valentine Riesling to match this dish. For those on a low FODMAP diet, it's often hard to find 'treats.' White Wine is low FODMAP at a 150ml serve (1 glass).