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Chilled Seafood Platter with Zingy Ginger & Sweet Chilli Sauce

FODMAP recipe. Fresh oysters on platter with NOGO dipping sauces

Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Oysters with Zingy Ginger Sauce 

Fresh Prawns (2 - 4 per guest)
Fresh Oysters (2 - 4 per guest)
2 lemons
Serve with: NOGO Zingy Ginger Sauce & Sweet Chilli Sauce

Optional: You can serve any other fresh seafood that you would like: lobster tails, cooked & cooled mussels, smoked salmon. 

1. Arrange prawns on a platter & put Sweet Chilli Sauce in to a bowl - guests can dip their seafood in before devouring! 
2. Arrange oysters on a platter and either spoon a small amount of the Zingy Ginger Sauce on to each one, or place in a bowl in the middle with a teaspoon. 
3. Slice lemons and scatter over both platters.