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NOGO Sauces

Mayonnaise - Tartare

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Love your guts with NOGO! Low bloat, low fodmap, HIGH flavor!!

Introducing our delectable Tartare Mayonnaise – a traditional fusion of Tartare flavours that will make your mouth water! Crafted with care, this condiment elevates traditional tartare sauce to a whole new level, enhancing the taste of your favourite dishes with every creamy spoonful.

Why is NOGO so great for your guts?
We create the finest Aussie gut-friendly goodness. Crafting low bloat delights by eliminating triggering ingredients for your digestion.   Unlock the NOGO difference and enjoy a happier life and treat your taste buds. Come on…Irresistible NOGO Rewards Await.

Ingredients:  Australian Monounsaturated Sunflower oil, water, gherkin (gherkins (50%), water, sugar, food acid (260), salt, mineral salt (509), preservative (202), flavours, colours (102,103)), Austrailan cider vinegar, Australian sugar, Australian red capsicum, Australian egg yolk, food starch – modified, capers (capers (62%), water, Austraian Sea salt, food acid (260)), Australian Sea salt, mustard powder, spices.

May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sesame, crustaceans, sulphites, lupin and milk. CONTAINS: Eggs

Made in Australia from 80% Australian Ingredients

 NOGO Sauces | Low FODMAP | Vegan | Dairy free | Gluten free | NO Added Nasties

 230 g



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