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The perfect chance to try our MILDT taster pack, consisting of: 

MILD - Jalapeno Salsa

TACO Seasoning

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Classic Mayonnaise

Garlic Mayonnaise

Basil Pasta Sauce

Our new MILD Salsa has a delicious flavour with a gentle chilli warmthr, using fresh Jalapeno's, perfect to serve with TACO's, burritos or why not use as a marinade or baste for slow cooking meat.

Our Classic Mayonnaise has a traditional home made flavour of a good old fashioned mayonnaise.  Perfect with chips, ham sandwich or with fish and chips. 

Our best selling Basil Pasta Sauce is a firm favourite for many people with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Basil and delicious flavour.   There is NO chilli in this product, perfect for. people that are sensitive.



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