Pork & Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

Finger-licking goodness with a creative flair for a fun evening of food preparation! Try this great Pork & Prawn Rice Paper Roll recipe.

Makes 12 pieces


For rolls:
450g pork strips

1 bunch spring onions – green part only
2 tbsp FODMAP Friendly garlic infused extra virgin olive oil

¼ tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp sugar

¼ tsp ground black pepper
300g thin rice vermicelli noodles

450g cooked prawns, sliced in half

1 medium cucumber (cut into thin rounds)

1 ½ cups iceburg letter (shredded)

1 carrot - julienned
1 bunch mint leaves – washed and leaves picked

½  bunch coriander – washed and leaves/stalks picked and cut
1 bunch Thai basil – washed and leaves picked

12 sheets rice paper

Red finger chilli + coriander leaves for garnish 

For dipping sauce: 
NOGO Satay Sauce with Turmeric
NOGO Sweet Chilli Sauce 


  1. Place pork strips in a bowl. Add spring onions (green part only), FODMAP Friendly garlic oil, fish sauce, sugar, and black pepper. Coat well, then cover and set aside to marinate (2 hours in fridge or for best results overnight). 
  2. Once marinated, heat a pan over medium heat, and cook through. Set aside and allow to cool, then refrigerate until needed. 

  3. Prepare remaining ingredients: halve prawns lengthways, slice cucumber in thin rounds, julienne the carrot, shred the lettuce, pick the leaves off all the herbs (leave stalks on coriander).
  4. Prepare the rice vermicelli according to the directions. Once cooked run under cold water in a colander. Set aside. 

  5. To assemble the rolls:
1. Dip a sheet of the rice paper into a bowl of lukewarm water to soften. Lay on a clean kitchen towel. 
  6. Lay 4 pieces prawn in a horizontal line across the middle of the wrapper. Leave 2cm at each edge. Add a small amount vermicelli. Top with 3 slices cucumber, 2 tablespoons lettuce, 4 mint leaves, 4 basil leaves, 4 pieces of coriander. Finally, add a few sticks carrot and then 2-3 pieces of pork. 

  7. Carefully pull the lower edge over the filling, and then fold in the edges. Roll up to complete, ensuring all edges have been pressed closed to secure.
  8. Set aside, covering with a damp cloth to keep moist.
  9. Serve on platter. Garnish with slices of red finger chilli and coriander leaves.
  10. Serve the NOGO Satay Sauce and the NOGO Sweet Chilli Sauce in two small dipping bowls. Enjoy!